Wooster on Spring

Yesterday I met up with my friend Ryan (and eventually his wife as well) in Soho. They are visiting from California. We did some shopping, had a snack at Rice to Riches, and walked to 11 Spring Street.


11 Spring Street has been an unoffical mecca of NY street art for ages, but it was recently bought and will be turned into condos. So the owners decided to invite artists to paint the inside of the building and it will be open for 3 days to the public before they sheetrock over everything. Unfortunately, I’m leaving for Utah tomorrow morning and I won’t be back until Tuesday so I’ll miss it. We were trying to find someone to take us in but we didn’t have any luck.

Anyway Wooster on Spring is being organized by the Wooster Collective. Their article on it being a time capsule is pretty cool. Also, there is an article on the whole project in the NY Times.

You can see all of my photos on flickr.

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